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The mission, vision and values of Revolution Church are simple. Three words. Live. Love. Serve. We like to put them together, with no spaces, because there's no separating who we are when we work together to accomplish this mission.

Revolution is nothing more than a powerful, life-changing encounter with Christ where his love turns lives around.


Here are the five things that matter most:


1.We are Authentic.

Real. Broken. Transparent. Open Door. Honest. Transformed. Empowered.


2.We are Passionate.

Faithful. Spiritual. Committed. Prayerful. Worshipful. Honoring. Glorifying God.


3.We are Generous.

Unselfish. Compassionate. Connected. Missional. Supportive. Selfless.


4.We are Servants.

Community. Hands On. Humble. Creative. Innovative. Imaginative. Hospitable. Partners.


5.We are Family.

Everybody Matters. Championing People. Building Families. Raising Leaders. Disciples.